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Name:DS Adam Morgan
Birthdate:Dec 24
Website:Dream Like New York
Detective Sergeant Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is a Detective Sergeant with the English police force, but he is about to make the big move to New York to be with some of his family there. He has now qualified to work as a cop in the US, and he has been assigned to the 25th Precinct, NYPD, to partner Jared Beaumont, who just happens to be married to their Lieutenant, Annalise Beaumont. His friend and brief partner with the Scotland Yard until he moved back to New York, Euan Fitzpatrick, put in a good word for him and helped him get the position in his unit. Until recently, he was based in Liverpool, where he was first posted after he qualified following college, though he was born and raised in London. His parents, Kate and Harper Morgan, only ever thought they would have one child but got a surprise when their first born turned out to be two first borns with Adam and his twin brother, Lewis, came as a two for one deal. But after Lewis contracted meningitis when the boys were just 18 months old, he didn't win the fight and passed away. Adam's parents weren't sure they would get over the trauma, but they ended up with seven more children following Adam, and wouldn't change it for the world. They were a close family, and what most would term fairly average, just living making ends meet in a modest family home in London. Adam was always a passionate Liverpool FC supporter from a child, just like both of their parents. Adam was always one of the more active children of the family, and he always preferring to be outside and involved in anything that included movement or getting sweaty and dirty. It wasn't any wonder lost his virginity at a fairly early age and it was a typical triumph in the lad's life.

There was no real specific reason that Adam became a copper. The active side of it just appealed to him and when he joined the force, he thrived on his training. His parents always figured it would be that, the military or some sort of professional sport. The police force won out and Adam worked his way through the ranks and earned his detective badge. Life was all good for a few years, until just a year after Adam was promoted to Detective Sergeant, his partner was killed in a hit and run accident by a suspect they were investigating. Kelly Spencer had been his partner for five years and although they were like chalk and cheese, they were extremely close. So close, in fact, that they had started a secret romance together beyond work a few months before she was murdered. Upon her death, Adam had to deal with the tragedy of not only losing his partner, but also his lover. The only person he ever told about the relationship was his brother, Declan, and it was Declan who helped Adam through his grief. Adam took a leave of absence from the force due to psychological stress of witnessing the murder. His decision to return to the force was a long and difficult one, and he realised the only way he could face it was to pick up again well away from Liverpool.

He moved back to London when he was granted a transfer to the London CID, but requested his past be kept under wraps. He didn't want to be that copper with the murdered partner when he tried to find his feet in a new CID and get back on track with his career. Almost every copper in Britain would have heard about it when Kelly was killed, but that didn't mean he wanted everyone to know how involved he was. He was then based in London near most of his family, trying to forge a fresh start, but it wasn't far enough away from his ordeal and decided to follow his siblings, Matthew, Natalie, Scott, Liam (and also recently emigrated cousin, Harley) to New York to begin a new life. Some days are harder than others, and even though he gets nervous about getting too close to any other partners, he copes the best he can by often coming across as stoic, indifferent and even a bit of an arrogant bastard at times.

Adam's personality is nothing like that really, however. He is a fun guy, likes to have a good time, and has a large network of friends he enjoys spending time with. Adam likes staying active, enjoying things like mountain biking and hiking. He loves sports, both live and on the telly, his favourite being football and Formula One. This year was the first year of his life he didn't have a season ticket to the Liverpool games. With Kelly also being a passionate supporter, it became hard to maintain his love for the team for a long time. Now he is away from Liverpool, he has found his passion again, he is just not sure he will ever be able to watch another game live. Time has healed some wounds, while others he can't help but wonder if they will always be open and raw.

This is an roleplay journal for character Adam Larson, an original character. He exists for musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. All rights and written entries by [personal profile] neverwalkalone are original work and owned by his creator. Journal and character are for roleplay and enjoyment purposes only. Adam is portrayed by actor James Marsden and is in no way affiliated to James Marsden.
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